The booksshop Wittmann is located in a house already mentioned in 1626 which was lived in by bakers for centuries. Since the year 1880 Josef Wittmann operated Maria with his wife here a flour action as well as one colonial goods and painting utensils-act for the artists, later a little publishing house, too.

Next to the Einhorn Publishing House and the Gelber Verlag storekeeper and art dealer Josef Wittmann jun. was occasionally publishing.

You reach too highly also here to speak of a publishing house of usual cutting because this one „One of those many little publishing houses which existed next to the small and large publishing houses was Josef Wittmann jun. publishing house ". Josef Wittmann jun. was actually shopkeeper.
He had enlarged his assortment with good business sense and sold painting and sign need, like colors and papers, now to the painters in the artist's colony Dachau. Good contacts to Dachau artists finally made it possible for Josef Wittmann also to operate a lucrative art trade in Munich street.

He at the same time started to print picture postcards and deprived documents and plays of 1918/19 of Minni Vrieslander, wife of the writer Otto Vrieslander:
„Napoleon Bonaparte“(1918), a drama into five files, „Brutus“(1918), a tragedy into three files and "Charlotte Corday", a play from the time of the French revolution. A fourth play over Friedrich the Great appeared in 1919/20.„ (1918), a tragedy into three files Un GespräChe with Socrates“and „Of the delicate and of the heartless one“both, also of Minni Vrieslander and this one „Butterfly wing“a novella book.

Hans Weinzierl opened a drugstore at the beginning of the thirties in the business premises which there was there by the end of the second World War.

On July 1st, 1944, took the security service (SD) the SS two the now empty rooms for office purposes.

After the liberation from the concentration camp the former prisoner Albert Zeitler established a lending library in the former business premises whose books for the most part were from the storage library of the KL Dachau.
He took the furnishings from inventory of the store and the Dachau local branch of the NSDAP.

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