Allach porcelain

Allach candle holder
Rising horse by Röhring Pallas Athene by Kärner for Allach Porzellan Pallas Athene in original box
Allach candle holder Allach candle holder Allach elephant Allach dachshund
Allach candle holder Allach young lying deer Allach Biwak dish Allach sitting hare
Allach Amazone by Prof. Kärner Allach Foxterrier by Kärner Five arm candleholder by Diebitsch
Allach Flower vase by Nagy Allach young sitting hare
Allach sitting mother Allach Morris dancer Allach Morris dancer Allach vase
Allach pair of Frisian farmers Three-arm candle holder by Diebitsch Allach plate Allach dish
Allach lamb Allach deer Allach soldier Allach hare
Allach horse Allach rising horse Allach deer Allach bears
Allach bear Allach dachshund Allach foxterrier Allach manufacture sign
Allach manufacture sign Allach manufacture sign    

If in Germany or somewhere else one speaks of the third empire nobody normally thinks of porcelain animals.
However, the imperial leader - SS Heinrich Himmler could be absolutely enthusiastic about dachshund, deer or jumping horses made of porcelain. In 1936 he founded with the help of four "scarecrows" a manufacture, without his name should be brought publicly with it in connection. Thus porcelain figures and ceramics with the double victory rune originated first in Munich Allach, then in immediate neighborhood of the concentration camp Dachau as a brand name. Himmlers manufacture should not serve primarily economic purposes, but pursue artistic aims in the tradition of princely and state foundations. The PMA should become "instrument of his wish". One opened in 1937 a store in Berlin at prominent place, later other stores in poses, Warsaw, Lvov / Lwow and took in the porcelain shops besteingeführten in each case at the place "representative traders" under contract.

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